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  • Model CB212
  • Model 3350

Deluxe Orchestra Bells
Model CB212

  • Extra thick, high-carbon tempered steel bell bars provide brilliant tone, clarity and unsurpassed resonance
  • Each bar individually hand-tuned to exacting standards
  • Hardened steel bar mounting pins and side guide pins resist bending and breakage
  • Heavy-duty rails, two steel cross supports, and one piece bell frame/case assembly improve durability
  • Vinyl-covered hardwood case with double handles, steel corners and detachable lid
  • Two sets of mallets included

Bells: 2.5 octaves, G5-C8
Tuning: A=442
Bars: Carbon tempered steel, 1.25" wide, 3/8" thick
Suspension: Single pin mounting over felt strips
Case Dimensions: Length 32", width 20.5" low end, 13" high end, depth 3.75"
Weight: 43.5 lbs.

Concert Bells
Model 3350

  • Select aluminum alloy bars with stamped pitch letter names are electronically precision-tuned
  • Vinyl-covered wood case features detachable lid, metal corners, and metal latches and hinges
  • Includes mallets and detachable music rack
  • Lightweight and easily portable

Bells: 2.5 octaves, G5-C8
Tuning: A=440
Bars: Satin finish aluminum, 1" wide, 3/16" thick
Suspension: Double-pin mounting over felt strips
Case Dimensions: Height 24", width 13", depth 3"
Weight: 9.5 lbs.
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